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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Gel Blasters - The TikTok Famous Gel Shooters

BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Gel Blasters - The TikTok Famous Gel Shooters

Today we're spotlighting a new brand we carry called Gel Blasters! Called "The next evolution of backyard fun," these gel shooters have absolutely blown up on TikTok, racking in millions of views. After months of waiting, we were finally able to get our hands on some.


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Back in August, we met the team behind Gel Blasters at an ASTRA tradeshow. (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) They easily had the most popular booth of the show and the energy to back it up.

With multiple 'shooting ranges' setup, a full-sized Gel Blasters Mercedes Sprinter, and even a few team members willing to get shot for 'product testing' purposes, they had the attention of everyone there. 
Gel Blasters Trade Show Show

Their main product is the Gel Blaster Surge. It's a fully automatic gel blaster shooter. It can shoot over 100ft at 150 feet per second. The blaster is rechargeable and shoot bio-degradable gel balls. It comes with one gravity fed hopper that holds up to 800 Gellets, USB C Charging Cable, Safety Glasses, Orange 5,000 round Gellet pack, Blue 5,000 round Gellet pack, and an instruction sheet with paper target. You can also buy addition gel refill packs.

Of course I had to shoot myself with it just to see how strong it really was. It's definitely softer than Airsoft and paintballs, but has a bit more sting to it than a nerf dart. The SURGE gel guns shoot surprisingly fast with accuracy.  It's targeted age range is 12 years old an up, and as long as you're outside and wearing eye protection, you'll be having fun. 

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eChapps | Who are we?

eChapps | Who are we?


Who are we:

In 2015, eChapps was born. First created as a father/son endeavor, and fueled by our imagination and love of the niche, it quickly grew and got the whole family and more involved. 

We're now official sellers of over a dozen unique brands, boast over 5,000 positive reviews across multiple platforms and even have our own product lines on the way.

What we stand for:

Here at eChapps, we value our relationship with our customers, our brand partners, our employees and even other retailers.

For better or worse, the Amazon marketplace is extremely competitive. Here at eChapps, we don't just put the customer first, but also our brand partners. We know first hand how frustrating it can be when a seller decides to break MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) in order to make a quick buck. It not only affects the other Amazon sellers, but can also have a big impact on small retail locations. That's why we at eChapps take MAP agreements very seriously. 


Testimonials from our brand partners:

“We’ve been working with John for over four years now and he’s been a great partner for the brands we represent. By increasing sales online while protecting retail locations by following our MAP agreements, he has become a very valuable partner in this competitive space.” - Tony Davis, CEO of Enchanted Moments


“In a marketplace full of sellers trying to make a quick buck at the expense of others, John Chappell with eChapps is a breath of fresh air! From helping us enforce MAP, to optimizing and advertising our product listings, John is a top-notch Amazon seller who is a pleasure to partner with.” - Sari Wiaz, CEO of Baby Paper


“John Chappell is the exclusive Amazon seller for our products. From enhancing our listings, to running Amazon Ad campaigns, We know he always has our back. We love doing business with him!”  - Rachael Petch, Accounts Manager for Malarkey Kids / Munch Mitt

Customer Care:

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